Sunday, June 24, 2012

Signal Flow Podcast 42 | Akira

The 42nd episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Akira!

I'm very happy to announce that Akira has submitted a mix for the podcast! He says this is his first ever podcast so I'm excited that he chose the Signal Flow podcast to be his first and I'm sure you are excited too! This set is a recording from his gig at Hacking The Machine, June 2012, it's pretty mad and I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a little more about Akira:
Akira began as an industrial hardcore techno, terror, and speedcore DJ in the mid 1990s, making a name for himself as the "de race chinees" in 1998, when, during the sold out edition of Mysteryland Lingebos.

His first singles were released in 1998, all made with the legendary 8 bit hardcore machine aka Amiga 600. He became good friends with Richard, a.k.a. Drokz, whom he met during an interview at the Tunnel of Terror ( Mysterland 1997 ). Drokz suggested him to make tracks his his label C**t records, Akira did so, and he made the diss song "Trancetrutje" in 2000, which was a huge success shortly after its release.

Nowadays Akira is back on track so to speak, with some savage new hardcore techno with a lot of crossover tendencies, from uk hardcore to schranz to hard techno to breakcore to frenchcore to extreme speedcore.

01. I:gor - Testify
02. Lenny Dee - Fuckin Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix)
03. Detest - Rebel Monster
04. Detest - The Big Exit
05. Hellfish - Sex Machine
06. Strychnine - Utopia Project (Hellfish & Producer Remix)
07. Tugie - Audio Intercourse
08. U.V.C. - Death Is (Tieum Remix)
09. Tugie - Netik Energy
10. Tripped - Morning Fucker
11. Tugie - Sample Killer
12. Akira - Beatdown Anonymous (Profanity Represented Remix)
13. Akira vs Tripped - Hard Spuitwater
14. Destroyer - Noise On The Base (Tripped remix)
15. D.O.A - Wanna Be A Gangsta (Akira Brooklyn Annihilation Remix)
16. D.O.A - Chemical Warfare
17. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (NY Hardcore Mix)
18. DJ Skinhead - Remixen
19. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (D.O.A. Mix )
20. Hellseeker - Otis
21. Akira - France Make Sum XXL
22. DJ Mutante  - Terror Fucking Noize Industry
23. Rotator - HXC Militia
24. U.V.C. & DJ Narotic - Can't Fuck With This
25. The Speed Freak - Creature Of Filth And Plague
26. DJ Mutante - Farme Ta Yeule Criss De Cave !
27. Passenger of Shit - Cockbashingterdbutcher
28. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (The Pain mix)
29. I:gor - Coretoon
30. Detest - 20bscore
31. Hellfish - Divine Bomb
32. The Shapeshifter - The Crushing Pit (La Magra Remix)
33. Mr. KIll - Aerodynamit Punx
34. Tripped - U.S.A. Holls
35. The Sinner - Push It To The Limit

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