Sunday, August 15, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 11 | Richie Gee

The 11th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Richie Gee!

On deck for the podcast I present to you Richie Gee from Spain, and he has made a special mix for us consisting of some hard techno/schranz and hardcore! So sit back and relax (if you can) and enjoy this stomper of a set!

Here's a little bit about Richie:

Madhouse Recordings and Richie Gee have become synonymous to each-other. With over 10 releases out, the label is a blueprint of Richie Gee's musical tastes. Offering a platform to familiar and unfamiliar names, the Madhouse has achieved a status of respect in a short time.

After his 2008 'Industrial Resistance' hook-up with IST, sub-label of Industrial Strength, Richie Gee's name was marked in the international scene. Beats have been speeding down the techno industrial crossing ever since. Not a surprise with weaponry like 'Toxic beats Vol. 1', 'No Rules' and the 'Mojitoman' EP to hit speakers.

Behind the decks Richie Gee converts his enthusiasm for music straight onto the dance floor with Spanish passion. Like a flamenco dance in a rusted steel-mill, beats can become pretty intense when Richie Gee starts playing. Beware of your limiters when his beats set for impact! Richie Gee is a great addition to any hard techno event, with the Gee-factor culminating any techno sound into twice the intensity.

01. Miss Djax vs Human Resource & Marshall Masters - Stereo Destroyers
02. Sandy warez - Gambero
03. Richie Gee - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 (Mojito Style Remix)
04. Waldhaus - A journey Throught Time
05. Richie Gee - UkrainenMadness
06. Sandy Warez - Religious Hymm
07. Richie Gee - Madhouse 3ยบ Birthday
08. Tymon & Waldhaus - Void
09. Dj Promo - Time To Raise Up
10. Richie Gee - You Are Evil
11. Waldahaus, Tymon & Stormtrooper - Hurricane
12. Satronica - Life, Blood, Pain, Death (Tymon Remix)
13. Sandy Warez - Spandega
14. Richie Gee - Mojitoman
15. Tymon Feat. Betty Haze - Weapons Of War
16. Madhouse Brothers - Machete (Richie Gee Rmx)
17. Tymon & Stormtrooper - Deadly Kicks
18. Raiderz Of The Damned - Cash
19. Tymon - Down With The Real
20. Richie Gee - The AszDrome
21. Ophidian & Tieum - Black Sun
22. Radium - Mass Power
23. Al Core - Frenchcore Can Can
24. The Speed Freak - Terrorist (Producers Terror By Error Mix)

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**For those still having some trouble downloading these podcasts, you can download the mixes by clicking the titles of each podcast, if not, you can click on the RSS link above and download them there as well.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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