Monday, September 6, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 13 | The Relic

The 13th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by The Relic!

Now at the 13th episode of the Signal Flow podcast I have Maurice (The Relic) and I'm happy to have him on board as I'm a fan of his productions.....expect some slow dark industrial madness in this set! Here's a little about him:

The Relic released his first e.p. on FIX records 17. His second release was a battle with Zanthrax on Underground Society Records 08. At the end of 2006 he became main producer for the SYMP.TOM label, a sub-label of Neophyte records. Together with Mental Wreckage he set up a project called: Dual Mechanism. With this new project they mainly focus on raw, mechanical sounding tracks.

Check out his latest release on Symp.tom - The Relic - The Fallen

01. Ahnst Anders - Lektion 1
02. Pow[d]er Pussy - Reactiv8theindustry
03. Syndemic - Afterburn
04. The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Drone Riots
05. Sound Abuse - Deranged Mind
06. Mute. - The Dirt Outside
07. Paul van der Wees - 101
08. Ophidian - Khameleon
09. The Relic - Black Angel
10. Hegel - Schrei
11. Broken Rules - Dirt Box (Brad Lee remix)
12. Synchromode - Never Is Late To Death
13. Ambassador 21 - Black Mix 66
14. Jaja - Bloody Cirkus
15. Sound Abuse - Negative Thoughts
16. Dual Mechanism - Cloudwalker
17. The Relic - The Search For Humanity
18. Stormtrooper & Waldhaus - Hurricane
19. The Relic - Poison (Broken Rules Remix)
20. The Outside Agency - The Neutralizing Agent

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