Monday, November 29, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 19 | DJ Hyperactive

The 19th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by DJ Hyperactive!

It's the 19th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast and I'm really excited to have this classic mix from the one and only Dj Hyperactive! This mix is taken from his old cassette Acid Revival volume 5 and there's lot's of classic acid house, techno, and hardcore tracks in this mix, so sit back and enjoy this flashback to the 90s!

For those who don't know who he is or are too young to remember him, he's been in the Djing and production circuit since the early 90s and has released classics on labels such as Drop Bass Network, Communique, Missile, Strictly Hype, Planet of Drums, Underground Construction, his own labels Contact & 4 Track records, and more!

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did, so enjoy!

**Sorry only partial track list**

01. Adonis - We're Rocking Down The House
02. Wee Papa Girls - Heat It Up (Acid House Mix)
03. ID
04. Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder
05. Phuture - Acid Trax
06. ID
07. Peirre's Fantasy Club - Dream Girl (Acid Dream)
08. Armando - Land Of Confusion
09. Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
10. The Prophet - Dominatin'
11. ID
12. ID
13. English Muffin - Blood of a English Muffin (Maurice Steenbergen Remix)
14. ID
15. ID
16. ID
17. ID
18. ID
19. ID

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Thank you for listening!

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