Monday, January 3, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 21 | Matt Green

The 21st episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Matt Green!

It's the 21st episode of the Signal Flow Podcast and it's the first of the year! I hope everyone had a great 2010, now say hello to 2011, and I'm hoping for another great year of the Signal Flow Podcast!!

For the 1st podcast of 2011 we have Matt Green! He's put together a sick set for us, so I hope you enjoy this episode!

Here is a little bit about Matt Green:

Matt Green is a name synonymous to the Corrupt label. Strength and intensity are just a couple of words describing the waves that bleed from Matt Greens' live-sets.

Since 1998 Matt Green manages his own label, Corrupt Records. A name now closely linked to the many substyles of hardcore. Ranging from breakbeat (the true origin of breakcore) to speedcore, every Corrupt beat was treated with distortion and an overdose of energy. Next to the long list of Corrupt releases, Matt also had the chance to release several guest EPs on labels like Epileptik and Hong Kong Violence. By the dawn of 2008 Matt decided to make a change and bring Corrupt to an end. Filling the gap with Corrupt Redux - the official sequel to Corrupt exploring the slower tempo, but harsher sounds - Matt is ready for the next move!

01. SWOD - Matt Green
02. Black - Mindustries
03. Music Out - Matt Green
04. Journey of Force - Producer
05. The Hard Way - Stormtrooper
06. Acid Stacy - Tripped
07. Rebellion - Armageddon Project
08. Torque - Ed Rush & Nico
09. Centrifuge (RMX) - Promo & Producer
10. Focuz (Fiend & Matt Green - Matt Green VIP)
11. Chaos Theory - TOA
12. Bi Polar - Matt Green
13. Signifying Rapper - Schooly D
14. Not Feeling it - Matt Green
15. Son of Jughead (Ordeal & Matt Green)
16. Godly Obscurity - Zekt
17. Guerilla Vice Squad - Unknown Artist
18. Sandracore - Tomaz
19. Ya Mutha - DOA
20. Kill More People - Nasenbluten
21. Dominee Dimitri - De Klootzakken
22. The Destroyer - Influid (Matt Green Confused & Dehydrated Chav Refix)

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