Sunday, January 30, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 23 | Fracture 4

The 23rd Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Fracture 4!

Up next on the podcast we have Glasgow based Dj and producer Fracture 4 who's put together a great mix for us! Sit back and enjoy!

Fracture4 is a Glasgow based industrial hardcore DJ and producer and owner of Bloodshed Unlimited Records. He has been playing his blend of industrial beats, breaks and noise to dancefloors across the UK and Europe since 2000. He has released original and remixed material on other labels such as Genosha, obs.cur, Hardcore Basic, Corrupt, Sensory Violation and more.

01. Cold Future Collective - Past
02. The Overlord - Move My Bod-E
03. Dr. Strange - Darkness Over Dublin (Phutur World Mix)
04. The Outside Agency - Ruination
05. Seaven Serpenthelm - Sentimental Halos And Consequential Angels
06. Waldhaus - Assault 2008
07. Carlos Murphy - The Beyond
08. The DJ Producer - A Journey Of Force (Point Intensity Dub)
09. The DJ Producer - A Journey Of Force (Vocal Mix)
10. Broken Rules - Minimize It
11. Neurocore - No Return
12. Fracture 4 - A Long Time in Darkness
13. Moleculez - Inhumanoid
14. Deathmachine - Waveshape Destiny
15. Angel - Freak of Nature
16. Redmore - Inspect the Troops
17. Mindustries - Frequency
18. Negative A - I'm
19. Ophidian - Abandon

Follow him on:!/pages/fracture-4/33919694202

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  1. A Signal Flow podcast of Ophidian, Tieum, Partyraiser, Unexist or D-Passion... would be a great podcast!! ;-)