Monday, February 28, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 24 | Fiend

The 24th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Fiend!

Back on the podcast I welcome Fiend with a great mix of Drum n Bass and Hardcore! Expect to hear great tracks from Current Value, Broken Note, Outside Agency, Panacea and more! I really enjoyed this set and I hope you do too, so sit back and listen!

01. Mystification- Computers (The DJ Producers System Crash)
02. C.A.2K - Degredation
03. Current Value - Higher VIP
04. The Panacea & Donny - Rage
05. Bongra - Yeti (Producers Abominable Remix)
06. Katharsys - The Chain
07. Broken Note - Channel Zero
08. Current Value - Lipophil
09. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique - Senseless Society
10. The Outside Agency & Tapage - Industrial Cooking Spray
11. Detest - Twisted Turn
12. Katharsys - Guidance
13. DuranDuranDuran - Basement Tape
14. Skeeta - II Of Ill
15. SpeedFreak - Faster Louder (The Dj Producers Bass Check)
16. Axe Gabba Murda Mobb - Tree Trunk Destroyed
17. Bryan Fury + Electric Kettle - Odessa
18. Outro- End Clip From Skeeta Is Dead

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