Sunday, October 17, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 16 | Stormtrooper

The 16th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Stormtrooper!

Up next on this wonderful podcast I present to you Stormtrooper from Germany! He's a busy guy with releases on labels such as Deatchant, Industrial Strength, Rebelscum, Psychik Genocide, Crowbar, Important Corestyle, and many well as constant touring and gigs throughout Europe!

Stormtrooper alias Peter Nitschke started Dj-ing 1997 in small Clubs in his Hometown Rosenheim. It didnt take long until everybody knew that his sound was too hard for most of the parties, so he started playing in towns like Munich and Salzburg, where more people liked the harder sound. In 2002 he founded his own small Label called SCUM Records, where he compiled CD-Compilations with Hardcore Acts from all over Germany, especially new talents, but also already known producers. Everything got bigger very quick, and in 2003 he got signed by Lenny Dees famous Label Industrial Strength Records, where he was part of the massive comeback of ISR with his first vinyl release. After productions for ISR other Labels like Speedcore (Germany), the well known Dutch Mokum Records and Deathchant (UK) followed. Stormtrooper played at many big events all over Europe like Mayday, Energy, Masters of Hardcore and Defqon 1.....

01. Exzakt - Sub Sonic Base 2009
02. X-Tension - Electro Shock
03. Moleculez - Inhumanoid
04. Stormtrooper & Cipher - Nägel & Köpfe
05. Cipher - Metastase in der Nase
06. Waldhaus & Stormtrooper - Agony
07. Stormtrooper & Cipher - Mach mich kaputt
08. Mike Dearborn - Birds on E (Stormtrooper Edit)
09. Stormtrooper - Crazy Drug Music
10. Waldhaus & Stormtrooper - Experimental Injections
11. Stormtrooper - Meet my Clones
12. Trax-X - Substanz (Stormtrooper Edit)
13. X-Tension - The Beat
14. AirJ - Warped
15. Low Roller - Pure Nekro
16. Tymon - Never look back
17. Vortex Involute - Pink Coffin in my Room
18. Stormtrooper - Nice & Quiet Sound
19. Stormtrooper - Hybrid Music
20. Jane Ephex - Angel (Stormtrooper RMX)
21. Stormtrooper - Nagelring
22. Stormtrooper - Too close to the Core
23. Paulblackout - Pants pop mono
24. The Speed Freak - We reload to kill (Reloaded by Stormtrooper)

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 15 | The DJ Producer

The 15th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by The DJ Producer!

I'm very happy to announce that The DJ Producer has taken time out of his busy schedule to make a special podcast for us!! This man needs no introduction (but I'm doing one anyway!), he's produced tons of great music on tons of great labels! He's probably one of the busiest hardcore Djs/Producers around, which in this year alone he's played at Masters of Hardcore, 5 Days Off, Nightmare Outdoor, Dominator, Lowlands, Stereo City, Glastonbury Festival, Q-Base, and many more! Plus many productions and remixes for artists like Speedfreak, Sarin Assault, Bong-Ra, Akira, Mystification....upcoming stuff on Audio Damage and some interesting collaborations!!

So sit back and enjoy this great mix he's provided for us!

01. Al Core - Intro (From the "Atomic Requium" Album)
02. Andy Stott - Black
03. Surgeon - Magneze
04. The DJ Producer - That Guitar Track
05. Polygon Window - Quoth (Original Mix)
06. The Outside Agency - Hidden Strengths
07. Peaky Pounder - Viisi (N-Vitrals Ultra Rare Super Hit Version)
08. Mindustries - Breaching The Barriers
09. Angel - Can You See Me
10. Beastmachines - Whiplash (Producers Beastly Machinery Retrofit)
11. Angel - Industrial Base
12. Speedy J - Patterns (Remix)
13. Sei2ure - Assault
14. Lenny Dee - Digital Stink Finger
15. Life:::Runs:::Red - Only Our Enemies Leave Roses
16. Deathmachine - Clusterfukt
17. Tymon & Stormtrooper - Deadly Kicks
18. Manga Corps - The Hunter
19. SPL & Ophidian - Subconcious
20. AK Industry - Third
21. Satronica - Blood On Fire (Waldhaus Remix)
22. Iszoloscope - 28 Degrees C and Falling (Frozen Space Remix by Demanufacturer)
23. The DJ Producer - Last Man Standing (Mindustries Remix Preview)
24. Deathmachine - Schema (Preview)

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