Sunday, June 26, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 28 | Sei2ure

The 28th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Sei2ure!

We're now at episode 28 of the podcast and I'm very proud to bring you a great mix by Enzyme's Sei2ure! He's put together a great set for us so sit back and enjoy!

Here is a little bit about Sei2ure:
In 2004 Sei2ure signed with Enzyme Records, and his first track “Pneumatic Transmission” appeared on K7-5 shortly after. He did a few single tracks on various records including some anonymous stuff for Enzyme X. His first EP “Illusion of Safety” was released in 2007 featuring 4 dark, underground industrial tracks immersed in thick layers of distortion.

In 2008 Sei2ure teamed up with colleague and friend DJ Synapse for a rework on an obscure piece of music history namely “Dissonant Poetry” by Ophidian. A few months later he did a remix of Endymion’s mainstream-megahit “Payback”. His biggest succes to date came with “Rocket Fuel”. The A1-side of Enzyme K7-8. This track received massive DJ-support at industrial parties worldwide.

Once in a while gear is dragged on stage for a liveset with friend and colleague DJ Synapse. Notable gigs were, amongst others: Defqon. 1, Project Hardcore, A Nightmare Outdoor, Thunderdome and Club r_AW. Lately Sei2ure has been active as a DJ too.

Sei2ure’s music is raw, mechanical and industrial, usually void of any melody or harmony. The tracks are composed of sounds and rhythms, compelling patterns which can repeat themselves or turn into utter chaos.

Besides hardcore, Sei2ure also creates art installations and has been working as a cook for some years. In 2005 Sei2ure finished his BA in Music Composition and Production at the HKU in The Netherlands.

01. Liquid Basted - I Read Your Ideas (Part 2)
02. Igneon System - Devine
03. Sei2ure - Chemical Implant
04. Sei2ure - Data
05. Tapage & Ophidian - The Room
06. Stinger - Metallik Freakz
07. Dep Affect - The Unsatisfied Mind
08. Angel - Can You See Me
09. DaY-mar - Pavouk
10. DJ Hammond - Poltergeist
11. Sei2ure - Decompression
12. Angel - Industrial Base
13. Cubic Nomad - Wisdom Is Cheap
14. Tymon - Ambush
15. Al Twisted & Lost Origin - Swan Song
16. Sound Abuse - Fire Still Burning
17. Homeboy - No Longer Human
18. Liquid Blasted - Toxonauts (Hardcore Mix)
19. Sei2ure - Heatsink
20. D-Passion - Done Talking
21. Hellsystem - Time To Prove (feat. Tieum)
22. AK Industry - Paranormal Activity
23. Hellsystem - End Of Time
24. Negative - A Breaking Barriers
25. Sei2ure - Rocket Salad

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

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