Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 57 | Dave Enigma

The 57th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Dave Enigma!

Today's podcast features the UK native, Dave Enigma! He's put together a great mix for us so sit back and enjoy!

Here's a little bit more about Dave:
Dave Enigma's break came in 2001, winning the finals of the North Radical Technology "Dog Bollox" Dj competition at the legendary Void nightclub in Stoke on Trent, UK. Regular bookings at North also with Species and numerous other parties followed. Then in 2002 having met Joe ET the previous year, he was offered a residency and partnership with new promotion Oblivion. This night was run by Tom Brown (AKA Shape Shifter) and had started up a year before in Northamptonshire and from there things progressed.

11 years on and during that time and Enigma has played at many major parties in the UK and also played in Europe and the USA, alongside the very best underground hardcore techno djs and artists. He has enjoyed 11 successful years as a promoter and resident Dj at Oblivion events which have taken place in Leicester, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham and is now currently the longest running hardcore techno promotion in the UK. Enigma's influences include Djs Producer and Dolphin and his style ranges from 175 bpm crossbreed hardcore and industrial to 220 bpm UK style hardcore techno and everything in between.

01. Riget - Limewax
02. Dj Hidden - Raw Universe
03. Sei2ure - I am God
04. Sinister Souls - Skullsplitter
05. Beats & Pulse - Detest
06. Crude - Dither (AK Industry Remix)
07. Kombat Aktion - N-Vitral
08. Fighting For A New World - Deathmachine
09. The Wish For Brutality - Igneon System
10. Next Attack - Detest
11. The Man Who Grew Wings - Sarin Assault
12. Psycho - Angel (The Oustide Agency Remix)
13. Hatecore - Noizeskill
14. Face of War - Igneon System & AK-Industry
15. Kentar - COOH(Detest Remix)
16. Ride of Your Lives - The Dj Producer
17. Not Far - Detest
18. Speaker Rocker - Tugie
19. Pentagram of Coke - The Hard Way
20. Hallucinations - The Dj Producers & Deathmachine
21. Dead End - Billy S & AK Industry
22. You Gonna Get Yours - Sarin Assault & Akira
23. Axe Gabba Mental Murda Beatz - Axe Gabba Murda Mob


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 56 | Somatic Responses

The 56th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast by Somatic Responses!

Today's podcast is a special release for Somatic Responses new album 'Photon Collisions' which you can buy exclusively at Bandcamp! This album is made for special reasons... for Cancer research. This is a 100% charitable release, no money will be made by SR or any of the artists, so please consider the scale and quality of this release when pressing the download button. We will declare our sales quarterly and ensure the receipt of money is visible to our chosen charities. It’s important that this compilation is a purely positive package. This wouldn’t have happened without the superb artists who gave music without question or contract, they just wanted to be a part of something, to create a Photon Collision of their own.

So please download this mix, buy the album and give to charity! Enjoy this special Thanksgiving day podcast! Thank you for the support!


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Monday, November 25, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 55 | Sarin Assault

The 55th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Sarin Assault!

It's been a bit quiet here the last couple of months at the Signal Flow podcast, but don't worry, we're back! Today we present to you Sarin Assault with a live set recorded in Freiburg, Germany back in August. Sit back and enjoy the noise!

Here's a little more about Sarin Assault:
All started in 1996, TR with artists Micropoint, started the French hardcore label Dead End Records. Releasing mainly Hardcore/ Noise techno tracks under the pseudonym TR and Sarin Assault name on labels Digital Hut, Sans Pitie and H2OH Recordings. TR/ Sarin Assault started KTR productions in 2002 focusing on futuristic sound and beats.

01. Chrome - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)
02. U R not Alone - Sarin Assault (TNI Because we care)

03. Sarin Attak - Sarin Assault & SpeedyQ's (KTRXTCD001)

04. The Void - Sarin Assault (KTRXT001)

05. Undead II - Sarin Assault (Tymon Remix) (KTRXT004)

06. Life Again - Sarin Assault (TNI E.P.7)

07. Undead - Sarin Assault (Forsaken Is Dead Remix) (KTRXT004)

08. Undead - Sarin Assault (KTRXT001)

09. Taste Of Hell - Sarin Assault (NOIS 009)

10. It Hides Inside - Sarin Assault (Grater 02)

11. I Will Take Ur Soul - Sarin Assault (HARDCOREBASIC 02)

12. Fear Death - Sarin Assault (THORN 22)

13. Yakuza - Sarin Assault & Nawoto Suzuki (KTRXTCD001)

14. Breath - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

15. The Man Who Grew Wings - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

16. Fighting Is Futile - Fiend & Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

17. Red Reign - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

18. Out Of Darkness - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

19. Vader - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001 digital Bonus)

20. TBA

21. The Thing - Sarin Assault & Deathmachine (KTRXTCD001)

22. Battle For The North Star - Vdd Energise  (Sarin Assault Remix) (KTRXTCD001 digital Bonus)

23. TBA

24. TBA

25. Back From The Dead - Sarin Assault (AGN 013)

26. Ninja Kombat - Sarin Assault (AGN 013)

27. TBA

28. U Gonna Get Urz - Sarin Assault & Akira (KTRXTCD001)
29. Demon Child - Sarin Assault, The Relic & Warchetype (KTRXTCD001)

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 54 | Assassin

The 54th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Assassin!

The podcast is back with a California native, Assassin! He's put together a nice little set for us, so sit back and enjoy this mix!

01. The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks
02. Fracture 4 - Departure
03. Frame Of Mind - Hard Times
04. Tymon - Dead Evil
05. The Hong Squad - Brothers Darkness
06. Angel - Freak of Nature
07. Broken Rules - Bounce Back
08. Tymon & Waldhaus - Born In Sin
09. Carnage & Cluster - Annihilation
10. Petrochemical - Mechanical Disfigurement
11. Matt Green & Tripped - They Got Steel
12. R@ggedy Andy - Wicked
13. Fiend & Delta 9 - Drag Me To Hell
14. Endymion & Ophidian - Destination Underground (Deathmachine Remix)
15. Sie2ure - Rocket Fuel
16. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - Insect Mind
17. Cooh - Kentar (Detest Remix)
18. Cooh & Counterstrike - Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency Remix)
19. Sadistic - Liquid Crew
20. Tugie - Rude Ass Mofo

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 53 | Traffik

The 53rd episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Traffik!

Welcome back to the Signal Flow podcast! We have for you today legendary UK DJ Traffik! Traffik's involvment with the UK hardcore techno scene started way back in 1993 when he started his regular 2 hour weekly radio show on Energy FM (London). Since then Traffik has DJ'd around the globe at events such as Thunderdome, Astropolis, Twisted, Fuck Parade and Pulsamix and released his productions and remixes on lables such as Epiteth, Corrupt, Rebel Scum, Crapshoot and of course his own label Disturbance Records. I hope you enjoy this special 2 hour mix he's recorded for us today!

01. Starving Insect – Nurturing The Cancer
02. Just A Pilgrim – Crocothemis Erythreae (Raum 107’s Dragonfly in a Nosedive Version)
03. Omnicide – Global Nuclear Annihilation
04. Lunatic Asylum – D-356
05. Starving Insect – Broken
06. Cubic Nomad – Revolution Is On
07. X-Core – Fire Walk With Me
08. Hidden Rooms – Black
09. The Man Unknown – Intrusion
10. The Man Unknown – F431
11. Moleculez – Bad
12. The Emporator & Chromatic – Mental Fear
13. The 7th Genocide – Technical X
14. Stormtrooper – Shabby Chic
15. Mokushi – This Should Not Sound Relaxing
16. Mokushi – Total Submission
17. Tymon – Darkroom Music
18. Tymon – Dead Evil
19. Persona No Grata – Vitra
20. The Relic – Screamers
21. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Infinite
22. Tymon & Waldhaus – Purgatory
23. Traffik – Wired
24. Mindstalker – Particle Accelerator
25. The Relic – Godspeed
26. Mokushi – Human Species
27. Andrwe Slater – Chaos, Death & Sacrifice
28. C-Netik & Fragz – Antilife
29. Absence – Destroy
30. Fragz – Pyromaniac
31. Gancher & Ruin – Victim
32. Tugie – Death Eater
33. Sei2ure – Extermination
34. Sinister Sould – Let Me In
35. Traffik – Desire
36. Absence – Dark Minded
37. Deathmachine – Genetix
38. I:Gor – Total Confusion
39. The DJ Producer – Modus Operandi
40. Andy The Core & Radical Disorder – Everlasting
41. Syrinx – Marrow Squash
42. Detest – Shotgun
43. Satan – Premonition
44. Orifice – Pacemaker
45. Traffik – Charged
46. The Outside Agency – Ghetto Blast

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 52 | Angel

The 52nd episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Angel!

Back again on the podcast I have for you, Angel! It's been a little over 2 and a half years since she's given us a mix and I thought it was time to have her back. I hope you enjoy this banging set!

Here is a little more about Angel:
Angel is one of the few female producers gracing the hardcore scene. With her releases on Industrial Strength Records she cemented her position in the scene. This talented female knows how to motivate a crowd with her unique style which she describes as industial-schranz-core. Angel (Angelika Mierzwa) hails from Poland. She discovered techno music as a teenager and very quickly fell in love with it. Angel started playing and collecting techno and schranz records after moving to London in 2004 where she discovered its infamous underground free techno parties.

In 2011 her tracks appeared on massive CD compilations such as Syndicate, Thunderdome, Qore 3.0 and Project Hardcore. Just two months after her release was out, her track "Like That" was mentioned as one of junodownload's Best of 2011.

01. Stormtrooper - The Ultimate
02. Innovative - Little Bunny Rabbit
03. Angel - Like That
04. Dep Affect - Purge
05. Angel - Dirty Thirty
06. Persona Non Grata - Endemic
07. Angel - Psycho
08. Negative A - Meditation
09. Angel - Techno
10. Tymon - Fuck You Pay Me
11. The DJ Producer - Journeys Never End
12. Sei2ure - Hooligan Etiquette
13. Nagative A & Counterfeit - Hypnotize the Weak
14. Sei2ure - Singularity
15. Angel - Freak of Nature (Angel Remix)
16. Angel - Industrial Base (Ophidian Remix)
17. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure - Undermind
18. Angel - Techno (Zardonic Remix)
19. C-Netik & Fragz - Antilife (Angel Remix)
20. The Outside Agency - Headphone Wisdom
21. Dither - Adopted the Dark
22. Zardonic, Omar Santana & Evan Gamble Lewis - Dominate (Angel Remix)
23. The Outside Agency - Primitive
24. Counterstrike & Cooh - Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency Remix)
25. Sei2ure - Love from Hell
26. C-Netik - Fuel
27. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure - Pacifists
28. Meander - Endless Blackness
29. The DJ Producer - Modus Operandi

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 51 | 20 Years Of Praxis

The 51st episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Diskore, Fiend, and Baseck!

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. This time around we have a special 20 year anniversary mix for Praxis, mixed Los Angeles locals, Diskore, Fiend, and Baseck. This mix covers 20 years of classics released by Praxis so I hope you enjoy this special set!

DISKORE _ 00:00 to 23:59

praxis 48 - cortex - usu
praxis dub - dj scud with christoph fringeli - prolos will rise again! 
praxis 47 - crisis theory - working vengeance
praxis 10 - the mover - track 2
praxis 2 - bourbonese qualk - take control
praxis 28 - the wirebug - how to speak junkyard slang in two easy steps
praxis 1 - scaremonger - soon we all will have special names
praxis 13 - lorenz attractor - complexity crisis
praxis 1X - scaremonger - soon we all will have special names (dj nodoz remix)
praxis 6 - noface - love or kill
praxis 19 - cunning meets bambule - lockstep part 1
praxis 23 - somatic responses - incubation
praxis 16 - cyberchrist - information : revolution part 2
praxis 10/15 - noface - (you don't have to do anything now but) hallucinate
praxis 23 - richie anderson & brandon spivey - aftermath
praxis 9 - dj jackal - drumtrax part 4
praxis 8 - metatron - the moment of seduction
praxis 18 - somatic responses - warp spasm
praxis 5 - bourbonese qualk - logic bomb
praxis 41 - adcsomatic - sincromath
praxis 25 - potere occulto - liancaiach fawr
FIEND_ 24:00 to 57:07

praxis 3 - bourbonese qualk - qual
praxis 9 - dj jackal - drumtrax part 1 (special edited cut)
praxis 4 - metatron - the art of disappearance (special edited cut)
praxis 21 - slaughter politics - forest fire
praxis 8 - metatron - the moment of seduction (special edited cut)
praxis 22 - test tube kid - promars
praxis 11 - heist - corridors
praxis 18 - somatic responses - spacegrinder
praxis 34 - kovert - response activator
praxis 37 - crisis theory - vertigo (special edited cut)
praxis 14 - deadly buda - rhythm of death (special edited cut)
praxis 15 - kovert - track 8
praxis 12 - dj yubba - burgermeister
praxis 17 - disciples Of belial - torment of the bastard nazarene
praxis 36 - low entropy - mental cleansing
praxis 50 - electric kettle - down evil
BASECK_ 57:08 to end.

praxis 33 - nomex - nett of sound fire is the centre
praxis 26 - pure - king kong pt 2
praxis 34 - kovert - v-effect
praxis 24 - society of unknowns - vector
praxis 35 - hecate - famished
praxis 16 - cyberchrist - information : revolution part 3
praxis 30 - eiterherd - taktik
praxis 31 - 16-17 - pyrexia
praxis 27 - base force one - welcome to violence
praxis 18 - somatic responses - warp spasm
praxis 32 - hecate - last is first
praxis 41 - adcsomatic - sincromath
praxis 29 - bambule - tripped wire (photon emissions remix)
praxis 39 - base force one - paracong
praxis 23 - aphasic - aphasia

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All past Signal Flow Podcasts re-uploaded!

You can now download all previous episodes of the Signal Flow Podcast again... be sure to subscribe in iTunes so you don't miss any future episodes!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 50 | Loky

The 50th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Loky!

Happy April fools day! Today on the podcast we have a member of The Hardcoholics, DJ Loky! He's put a great industrial hardcore mix for you, hope you enjoy this set!

Here is a little bit more about The Hardcoholics:
Everything starts in 1994 With Dj Loky and Kyo_O, they quikly began popular in the hardcore scene. Their style, firmly placed in this sound, is uncompromising, brutal and ruff. They released 3 records on BEAST rec (Dj Olive's label) then other labels followed like Epileptik, Psychik Genocide and Hard Corps. In 2002 LeeloO joins the crew and takes her place into the live act performance following many parties across France and many other European countries like Swiss, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, Netherlands and Canada. Unfortunately, in 2004, Kyo_O decided to take a break and left the band. Their sound is definitely specific, blend of hip-hop, breakbeats, saturated melody and Kicks. They can srtike from 140 to 280BPM, real music lovers they find their inspiration in different styles like Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Rock, Classic, Newbeat and Belgian and German techno. Those who became "The Hardcoholics" today never stop burning parties all over Europe.

01. Caustic Window - The Garden of Linmiri
02. Enzyme X - Problem Child
03. Moleculez - Sick Mode
04. COREporation - I Control Your Mind
05. Liquid Blasted - Robokind
06. Leeloo - Harmonic Desire
07. D-Passion - Wake Up And Become
08. The Hardcoholics (DJ Loky) - We Are The Same
09. Razor Edge - Cummon
10. The Illuminati - Adrenaline Flows
11. Sandy Warez - Hyper Tension
12. The Hardcoholics (Leeloo) - Take It
13. DJ Hidden - Empty Streets
14. The DJ Producer - History Lesson
15. I:Gor - Thunderbolt
16. The Hardcoholics vs Budburnerz - Callgirlz
17. Matt Green - Mean Spirited
18. Switch Technique - DID
19. The Hardcoholics - Hope

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 49 | The Teknoist

The 49th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by The Teknoist!

Welcome back to the Signal Flow podcast! Today we have special guest The Teknoist! The man from England, known for his releases on Deathchant, Planet Mu, Rebelscum, Ad Noiseam and his own imprint Ninja Colombo has put together a phat mix for us today, sit back and enjoy!

Here's a little more about him:
Mike Teknoist has been part of the underground hardcore scene since his early teens as a fresh faced boy from “The Bay”. He sharpened his teeth and started to gain his fearsome reputation as a DJ playing nights such as North, Rebellion, and Oblivion. His early production skills took much influence from legendary Hardcore artists such as Hellfish, Dolphin, and The DJ Producer. His production quickly took on a distinctive sound of his own, fusing influences from throughout the musical spectrum, which coagulated into a unique Core based audio nail bomb!

Visit his networks below to find out where he is touring and to get his music!

01. Machine Code - 93 Million Miles
02. Silent Killer - Supremacy Bleeds (Counterstrike Duo Remix)
03. The Teknoist & Dolphin - Choir Cutz
04. Igneon System - Hit The Hood
05. Cooh & CA2K - Rebirth
06. The Hardway - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers
07. DJ Hidden - Lights Out
08. THE Teknoist & Smyla - Beastage
09. Underhill - River of Fire (Gore Tech Remix)
10. Silent Killer & Breaker & DJ Hidden - Phantom Dust
11. Igorrr - Infinate Loop
12. The Teknoist & Johnty Warrior - Chop Your Chin
13. The Outside Agency - The Fabric Of Life
14. Bjork - Mutual Core (Undead Ronin aka The Teknoist & Scheme Boy Mutated Core Rmx)
15. Detest - Beat & Pulse
16. Rotator - No Surrender
17. The Teknoist & Dolphin - Fight to the Death

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 48 | Somatic Responses

The 48th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast by Somatic Responses!

Welcome to another episode of the Signal Flow podcast! Today I have a special treat for you. A live recording of Somatic Responses in Los Angeles at the Dark Matter 10 year anniversary! This is an all live PA so there is no track list, just great music! Sit back and enjoy this great live PA by these legends!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 47 | N_A

The 47th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by N_A!

Happy New Year! The SF Podcast is back for 2013 and what a mix I have for you this time! This artist wants to remain anonymous, but let me tell you, this mix is really good! A great mixture of dark, dirty, industrial, techno, and more. I love it! I hope you enjoy this mix too! Happy listening!

**Sorry no tracklist available, happy hunting!**

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