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Monday, March 26, 2012

Signal Flow Podcast 39 | Broken Rules

The 39th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Broken Rules!

I'm back on the podcast with a mix I found on my hard drive that was recorded about 6 years ago... so I decided that I wanted to post this one up! It's older music, but that doesn't matter right? You just want good music, so I hope you enjoy this set! There will be more old mixes from me coming, hope you like it! Thanks for listening!

01. Promo- Original Thinker
02. Broken Rules- In The Know
03. Dep Affect- Vibrational Disturbance
04. Broken Rules- Strain The Mind
05. Peaky Pounder- Sata
06. NVitral- Griindt
07. Broken Rules- Jackin Moves
08. Broken Rules- The Signal Flows
09. Broken Rules- Put Your Back Into It
10. Broken Rules- Voltage Freak
11. Armageddon Project- The White Noise Vendetta
12. Tymon- Faith
13. Razor Edge- The Heart Is Cold
14. Tymon- Bent
15. Broken Rules- Attention
16. Razor Edge- Bleeding Tears
17. Tymon- Hustle_Flow
18. D-Passion- Change History
19. Promo- The Revolutionist

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