Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 30 | Tense

The 30th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Tense!

Up next on the podcast I present to you New York's own, Tense! He's mixed together an insane hardcore set for us, I hope you're ready for this one! Thanks for the continued support and enjoy!

Here's a little about Tense:
Robert Amar, aka Bobby Tense, has been spinning records for over 15 years with a musical style that has progressed from: hip hop and rap to hardcore and speedcore techno. After first tasting “heavy metal” sounding techno, Tense went on a mission searching the techno stores for this new brutal style of techno that would, in the next few years, control the underground NYC rave scene. Earning a spot ...on the weekly lineup at the legendary Limelight in the early 1990’s, helped the 16 year old DJ – make a name for him self by playing alongside such influential artists as Lenny Dee, Nicky Fingers, Rob Gee, and more.

Bobby Tense executes his live and DJ performances with atom splitting precision. He is the Executive Producer of Apocalypse Recordings, and a member of one of the most brutal speedcore groups in the world...Hellz Army.

01. The Illuminati - Rhythmic Twist
02. Tymon - Now Who's Laughing (Negative A Remix)
03. Mindustries - Facerocker
04. Tense - Rob Deadnoise pissed in Burke
05. Tripped - Feminine Feet
06. F.U.H.D. - M.O.H. (Machines of Hate)
07. Redmore - Salvation (The Illuminati Remix)
08. Cap - Pulmonary Embolism
09. Tripped - Couldn''t Find a Title
10. Nevermind - Sex And Death
11. Fiend & Nevermind - Dissect
12. Solely - Say More Shit
13. Deadnoise & Nevermind - Stimutax
14. Nevermind & Deadnoise - Neverdeadbase
15. Deadnoise - Shitters
16. Tense - Press This Switch
17. Nevermind - Pyschochemical
18. Tense & Nevermind - Manipulation
19. Junkie Kut - Scattering Tremble of the Unwanted

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