Monday, November 29, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 19 | DJ Hyperactive

The 19th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by DJ Hyperactive!

It's the 19th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast and I'm really excited to have this classic mix from the one and only Dj Hyperactive! This mix is taken from his old cassette Acid Revival volume 5 and there's lot's of classic acid house, techno, and hardcore tracks in this mix, so sit back and enjoy this flashback to the 90s!

For those who don't know who he is or are too young to remember him, he's been in the Djing and production circuit since the early 90s and has released classics on labels such as Drop Bass Network, Communique, Missile, Strictly Hype, Planet of Drums, Underground Construction, his own labels Contact & 4 Track records, and more!

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did, so enjoy!

**Sorry only partial track list**

01. Adonis - We're Rocking Down The House
02. Wee Papa Girls - Heat It Up (Acid House Mix)
03. ID
04. Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder
05. Phuture - Acid Trax
06. ID
07. Peirre's Fantasy Club - Dream Girl (Acid Dream)
08. Armando - Land Of Confusion
09. Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
10. The Prophet - Dominatin'
11. ID
12. ID
13. English Muffin - Blood of a English Muffin (Maurice Steenbergen Remix)
14. ID
15. ID
16. ID
17. ID
18. ID
19. ID

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 18 | Broken Rules

The 18th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Broken Rules!

I'm back on my own podcast! Hehe! This time I've put together a 1 and a half hour mix, which was featured on the Extreme Beats Radio show on Halloween Eve, so I've decided to put up this mix available to my loyal podcast followers! I hope you enjoy this mix, it's a mixture of old and new!

Tune in and enjoy everyone, and huge thank you to all who've been listening and to all the djs who contributed their mixes! More to come!

01. Audio Revolt - Resistance
02. Marcel Dettmann - Tattered
03. Marcel Dettmann - Kernel
04. N-Vitral - Wagon 4
05. The DJ Producer - xtc 2002
06. Rude Awakening - Forward Observer
07. DJ Rush - Control Yourself
08. Arkus P - Schubfaktor
09. X-Tension - Damaged Brain
10. Rude Awakening - Rude Awakening
11. Electronic Pig - Deep As Dark
12. Mindustries - Throes Of Rejection
13. Mindustries - Breaching The Barriers
14. Tymon - Decap (Broken Rules Mashup)
15. Mute - Beautiful Decay
16. Mindustries - Struck A Nerve
17. c.ORP - Allocation
18. The Outside Agency & Tapage - Choice Mission
19. Mental Wreckage - Ediskrad
20. Tieum - You What
21. Thomas Nordmann - Cyber Storm
22. Liquid Blasted - I Read Your Ideas Pt.2
23. Cap & Forsaken Is Dead - Pulling Strings (Cap Remix)
24. Cap - This Is Not A War
25. SPL - Lost Frequency
26. Broken Rules - Drum Freestylin Part 2
27. The Outside Agency & SPL - Separate Ways
28. Felix Da Housecat - Kickdrum

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Signal Flow Podcast 17 | Homeboy

The 17th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Homeboy!

It's time for more music and this time I present to you Homeboy aka AK-Industry! He's put together a sick set for us so sit back and enjoy, I know I did!

Dj/ Producer & Promoter of the biggest hardcore underground events in SwissHell like INSANITY, Deathchant & Pacemaker Tour, Blood party’s (Switzerland) and also around all the Europe at Q-BASE 2010 (GE) TOXICATOR Festival (Poland), ARMY OF HARDCORE (GE), SMACKDOWN (Netherlands) ENERGY (streetparade) ELEMENTS FESTIVAL (BE) MuSICK Resident (Belgium), Italy and more...

Owner of NEKROLOG1K Recordings and soldier of many houses such as DC/PM Audiosickness, Strike Records, Ninja Columbo (UK), Audiodamage (UK), Agnost1k (BE), and soon on INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! Homeboy worked various featurings and remix’s with some respected artist’s like I;Gor, The Teknoist, Igneon System, and The Detest....he describes his sound as Hybrid Hardcore shooted with Industrial Snare's thats the newshit!

01. Lowroller & Homeboy – No Longer Human
02. Dj Hidden & Switch Technique – Intelligence / Imagination
03. Homeboy – Ologram / Lowroller RMX
04. Current Value – Ethin
05. T.O.A & Ophidian - Scatered
06. Ak-Industry – Fight Club
07. Homeboy, Dj Mayhem, I :Gor & NeverQuiet– The NekroMongers
08. I :Gor – Icebreaker / Counterstrike RMX
09. Dj Hidden – Battle Angel (Nekrolog1k)
10. Waldhaus, Stormtrooper & Tymon - deadly_kicks
11. Homeboy & Igneon System – Like Criminal
12. Homeboy & NeverQuiet Prod. – Little Nekrolog1k Child
13. T.O.A - The Smog Sin & The Omen Sights
14. Lowroller – Pure Nekro
15. I :Gor – Loose Control
16. Limewax – Big Bang
17. Homeboy & Igneon System – Thunderclap
18. Ak-Industry – Paranormal Activity
19. Forbidden_Society_&_Switch_Technique - SHELTER
20. Homeboy & The Teknoist - Prototype for a Ninja Nekromaniak
21. Igneon_System_-_Take_me_Into The Dark / Dolphin RMX
22. Forbidden_Society_&_Delta 9_- Violent Outburst
23. Ak-Industry – Pure Nekro Death RMX (Original by LOWROLLER
24. Ak-Industry – Transmutation RMX
25. Ak-industry – Ther is no god Vs. Teknoist VIP
26. Gancher – Power VIP
27. The Teknoist – My SUgar Ape
28. Dolphin – Carnivale
29. T.O.A – Destruction
30. The Evil Seed - Limewax RMX

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