Monday, December 12, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 35 | Frame Of Mind

The 35th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Frame Of Mind!

The last podcast of 2011! I bring you Russian newcomers Frame Of Mind! They've recently been signed to The Third Movement and put out some very cool industrial tracks so I hope you enjoy their set!

Here is a little more about them:
In 2008 these two guys met at the university of their home town, Tomsk in Siberian Russia. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were sharing the same love and passion for the hardcore music and their dream to create their own. Max has been producing music since 2004 and Alex was a passionate listener of the style since 2006, from oldschool to industrial. They rapidly improved their skills, thanks to this glacial environment which kept them inside to produce music. Frame of Mind is born in 2010 and even though their roots lay in Russia, they're planning on taking over this world

Inspired by artists like Peaky Pounder, N-Vitral and Sandy Warez their sound is the result of three years of hard work to find their own identity and their particular style. They describe their music as “pumping industrial hardcore”. After sending a striking quality demo that surprised Promo with its potential they got signed and immediately started working on their debut album for TTM.

01. Cubic Nomad - Moby
02. Thomas Nordmann & Cipher - Genau so, nur anders
03. Embrionyc - Tartaros
04. Syndemic - 17th Floor
05. Peaky Pounder - Viisi
06. Frame of Mind - Mental Disorder
07. [KRTM] - MW 41
08. Broken Rules - Dirt Box (Broken Rules Filthy Box Refix)
09. Stormtrooper & Cipher - Mach Mich Kaputt (N-Vitrals Translated Sadomaso Remangle)
10. Nekra Damage - Deurtz
11. Armageddon Project - No Hell no Dignity
12. Frame of Mind - The Sannicov's Land
13. Frame of Mind - Hold On Me
14. The Outside Agency & Tapage - Industrial Cooking Spray
15. Broken Rules - Dirt Box (Razor Edge Uptempo Remix)
16. Frame of Mind - Lomanina
17. Frame of Mind - We Are Tuirrema
18. Richie Gee - You Are Evil
19. Frame of Mind - Ball in a Bull's Eyes
20. I:Gor - Lost Control
21. Tymon - Gucci (I:Gor Remix)
22. Lowroller - Mixbreed Soldier
23. Carnage & Cluster - Dehydration (Industrial Frequency Remix)
24. Raggedy @ndy - Totally
25. [KRTM] - Blindnetz
26. N-Vitral - Bonck
27. Sandy Warez - Back The Fux Hop
28. I:Gor - Thunderbolt
29. Richie Gee - The Aszdrome
30. Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should

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