Thursday, November 28, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 56 | Somatic Responses

The 56th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast by Somatic Responses!

Today's podcast is a special release for Somatic Responses new album 'Photon Collisions' which you can buy exclusively at Bandcamp! This album is made for special reasons... for Cancer research. This is a 100% charitable release, no money will be made by SR or any of the artists, so please consider the scale and quality of this release when pressing the download button. We will declare our sales quarterly and ensure the receipt of money is visible to our chosen charities. It’s important that this compilation is a purely positive package. This wouldn’t have happened without the superb artists who gave music without question or contract, they just wanted to be a part of something, to create a Photon Collision of their own.

So please download this mix, buy the album and give to charity! Enjoy this special Thanksgiving day podcast! Thank you for the support!


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Monday, November 25, 2013

Signal Flow Podcast 55 | Sarin Assault

The 55th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Sarin Assault!

It's been a bit quiet here the last couple of months at the Signal Flow podcast, but don't worry, we're back! Today we present to you Sarin Assault with a live set recorded in Freiburg, Germany back in August. Sit back and enjoy the noise!

Here's a little more about Sarin Assault:
All started in 1996, TR with artists Micropoint, started the French hardcore label Dead End Records. Releasing mainly Hardcore/ Noise techno tracks under the pseudonym TR and Sarin Assault name on labels Digital Hut, Sans Pitie and H2OH Recordings. TR/ Sarin Assault started KTR productions in 2002 focusing on futuristic sound and beats.

01. Chrome - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)
02. U R not Alone - Sarin Assault (TNI Because we care)

03. Sarin Attak - Sarin Assault & SpeedyQ's (KTRXTCD001)

04. The Void - Sarin Assault (KTRXT001)

05. Undead II - Sarin Assault (Tymon Remix) (KTRXT004)

06. Life Again - Sarin Assault (TNI E.P.7)

07. Undead - Sarin Assault (Forsaken Is Dead Remix) (KTRXT004)

08. Undead - Sarin Assault (KTRXT001)

09. Taste Of Hell - Sarin Assault (NOIS 009)

10. It Hides Inside - Sarin Assault (Grater 02)

11. I Will Take Ur Soul - Sarin Assault (HARDCOREBASIC 02)

12. Fear Death - Sarin Assault (THORN 22)

13. Yakuza - Sarin Assault & Nawoto Suzuki (KTRXTCD001)

14. Breath - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

15. The Man Who Grew Wings - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

16. Fighting Is Futile - Fiend & Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

17. Red Reign - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

18. Out Of Darkness - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001)

19. Vader - Sarin Assault (KTRXTCD001 digital Bonus)

20. TBA

21. The Thing - Sarin Assault & Deathmachine (KTRXTCD001)

22. Battle For The North Star - Vdd Energise  (Sarin Assault Remix) (KTRXTCD001 digital Bonus)

23. TBA

24. TBA

25. Back From The Dead - Sarin Assault (AGN 013)

26. Ninja Kombat - Sarin Assault (AGN 013)

27. TBA

28. U Gonna Get Urz - Sarin Assault & Akira (KTRXTCD001)
29. Demon Child - Sarin Assault, The Relic & Warchetype (KTRXTCD001)

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