Monday, March 28, 2011

Signal Flow Podcast 25 | AK47

The 25th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by AK47!

Oldschooler of the French scene, AK47 is behind the decks since 1993.
From early rave to industrial, speedcore to breakcore, drum and bass to gabber, AK47 has been spreading hard and dark madness around the world: in the UK, Holland, Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Germany and all through France.

Numerous mix tapes and two mix Cd’s have been distributed – one for I Hate Trance, the Dutch promoters, the other with a unique early rave mix, for Epileptik, one of the major French hardcore labels. In 1997, he creates, with his partners in crime, BudBurNerZ, with more than 17 EP’s and 6 albums (including 2 under Epileptik’ label).

AK47 is also one of the active French hardcore party promoters working within two organizations, Party Uniq ( and more recently Bass Nation Events, promoters of the Megarave France events.

In June 2010, AK47 has been elected co-president of Technopol - Techno Parade, and is now one of the "voices" of the French electronic music scene as well as one of the promoters of the Paris Techno Parade that gathers more than 300000 people and 20 trucks in the streets of Paris since 1998.

01. Murmure - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
02. LeeloO - French Bitch ( Polish Bastard Remix by Moleculez)
03. Matt Green - Bi Polar
04. The Illuminati - Adrenaline Flows
05. Broken Rules - Crash The Gates
06. Satronica - Blood On Fire (Waldhaus Vinyl remix)
07. The Outside Agency & SPL - Separate Ways
08. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine - 10 years of Influence
09. Fiend & Matt Green - Focuz (Matt Green VIP)
10. Deathmachine - Schema
11. The Outside Agency - Chaos Theory
12. Switch Technique - Mortal Fear
13. Tymon - Desolation (Original Mix)
14. Unexist - Number One
15. I:Gor - Gimme Some More
16. Bong Ra - Yeti (Producers Abominable Remix)
17. Tripped - Dig This

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